How we use sound

sound design

Sound design is a role for working with a show’s director to underscore a scene – to reinforce the illusion of a ship in a storm, a jungle or a stream in a forest. You will find or create sounds, and also compile pre-show and interval music for the play. The designer then puts everything together in order of cues on our sound box computer. We use SCS software from Show Cue Systems.

sound operators

Once the designer has set up the sound, operators only have to press a button when given a cue by the Stage Manager. Easy peasy! We encourage actors and directors to take their turn operating during another show.

live sound

As well as theatre shows, we also host live bands and other special events a few times a year, or a band will play for a social event. If you can handle a mixer and PA, rig microphones, or would like to learn, get in touch.


Our shows sometimes need something special – an original peice of music or musical sounds. We can’t guarantee a regular stream of opportunities, but if we know you are interested, then we can call you in.

mixing and mastering

With video projects or radio-style plays to be streamed, we need people who are handy with a mixer and DAW – or who would like to learn.