The Lieutenant Of Inishmore

Charis Anna Mostert and Richard Stewart in BLT’s April 2016 production of The Lieutenant Of Inishmore, directed by Paul Campion (Photo: Dave Jones / www.ashleighvideo.co.uk)

Fri 8 – Sat 16 April 2016 at 7.45pm (not Sun 10)

The Lieutenant Of Inishmore

by Martin McDonagh

Directed by Paul Campion

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Psychotic IRA terrorist Mad Padraic only cares about one thing more than Irish independence and that’s his beloved cat, Wee

Thomas. So when Padraic learns that Wee Thomas has been killed, someone’s going to pay. Big time. And when a group of hitmen arrive to assassinate Padraic, the body count goes into overdrive…

McDonagh’s brilliantly outrageous comedy serves up gore, guns and gags in generous portions from some of the most hilariously stupid characters ever seen on a stage. Imagine Father Ted meeting Quentin Tarantino round at Monty Python’s place and you get the general idea.

If you like your humour blacker than a Connemara peat bog, you’ll want to catch what is one of the 21st century’s greatest, most improbable comedies, and a merciless satire on the ultimate futility of terrorism.



The Lieutenant Of Inishmore


DonnyMathew Platt
DaveyChris Learmonth
PadraicRichard Stewart
MaireadCharis Anna Mostert
ChristyRichard Toynton
Joey / JamesDaniel Ryan
BrendanJames Mercer




Please note: The Lieutenant of Inishmore was BLT’s entry in the 2016 Bromley Theatre Guild and Kent Drama Association Festivals.

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