The Trojan Women by Euripides – A BLT Radio Production

For the last 6 years BLT has entered the Kent Drama Association Play Festival. This year the Festival was for radio plays and many groups across Kent rose to the challenge to put together audio productions during the ‘lockdown’ period from October to March. At BLT we decided to perform the famous text of The Trojan Women by Euripides which includes several well known historical and mythical characters as well a chorus of women. This gave a large number of BLT members the opportunity to get involved in the project. Imagine them all recording in their own homes surrounded by duvets, often in a wardrobe to create a ‘sound box’, and rehearsing over ZOOM with the added difficulty of occasional weak Internet connectivity! We are very lucky to have a creative technical team who helped us to overcome difficulties and who actually managed to make the chorus of 7 women sound as if they are in the same space speaking together.

The recording will be adjudicated, along with all the other entries, by Amanda Plewis and the results will be streamed to us on May 22.

More information about the play is on our website.

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