Update On Development Plans

The five-year lease on our much-loved but ageing theatre secures our short-term future, but we have an option of a further 30-year extension. But this will not be granted unless we improve and develop the building.

We have worked with a firm of specialist architects on significantly re-configuring the existing building to make the space work better and more flexibly. Work will be phased over several years to ensure we don’t overstretch ourselves financially, or disrupt too many of our theatrical activities. We have produced a video which gives a great idea of what we are working towards. It lasts just under three minutes, so click here if you’d like to see it.

In the short term, however, there are important improvements we need to make to improve our facilities backstage, onstage and for our audiences.

We now need to raise the necessary funds to bring it to fruition, without disrupting our programme of productions.

This is the campaign to get BLT rebuilt.

To achieve it, we need to widen our pool of volunteers, especially those with relevant skills and experience in project management, development and financial matters.

how you can help

The development work will be costly – probably in excess of £1 million.

We have some reserves – enough to get us started – but not nearly enough for us to realise our longer-term vision.

To help us raise the money we need, Dave Armour, one of our Board members, is leading a team to explore potential funding from the National Lottery, Arts Council and others.

If you, or someone you know can help us with this, please contact funding@bromleylittletheatre.org

Or perhaps you would like to make a personal donation or bequest? If so, please click the above link or call 07798 757 902 for an initial and confidential discussion.

Below are some photos of the work we did a few seasons ago. Pictures below (L to R) show our stage roof after and before….and the current condition of the Bar roof!