Volunteer Management Policy


Bromley Little Theatre is a community theatre, run entirely by volunteers, based in the Bromley North area of the London Borough of Bromley. The company is a registered charity. The ethos of the theatre is that all volunteers should experience a full and rewarding involvement with the theatre.


All volunteers are encouraged to become Associate Members of BLT and for some volunteering roles, fully paid up membership is a condition of the theatre. Recruitment of volunteers from the theatre’s membership is actively encouraged by the company via its website, social media and membership enrolement. 


Once an application / offer to volunteer is received by the theatre, the applicant is in the first instance put in touch with the appropriate Team Leader for the particular theatre involvement in mind by the applicant. The Team Leader will be responsible for any induction necessary for the applicant including any health and safety issues pertinent to the volunteering involved. 

It is expected that the volunteer will seek any help and guidance from the Team Leader that they might want at any time. Agreement to any volunteering work should always be made with the Team Leader before work starts. 

Safeguarding and Grievance

BLT has its own policies relating to safeguarding and grievance which all volunteers shall abide by. These policies will be made known to the volunteer by the Team Leader who shall receive acknowledgement that the volunteer has read them. 

Any concern raised by a volunteer shall be discussed with the Team Leader in the first instance for resolution by mutual agreement. If resolution is not achieved, then the concern in question will be advised to a Board member in accordance with the company’s policy and procedures. 

Termination of volunteer involvement

It is expected that the volunteer will inform the Team Leader in good time of ending involvement as a volunteer so that the theatre can recruit a replacement where necessary. 

Bromley Little Theatre

Date of Policy:- April 2019

Reviewed:-  26 September 2022