Website issues

We have recently upgraded our website to make it load even faster to improve users’ experience.

However, in some cases, this upgrade has resulted in some users finding that the ‘About Us’ menu tab does not function correctly.

To remedy this, the browser’s cache needs to be cleared:-

On a PC

Firefox:- Go to BLT Home Page>Hold down Ctrl Key and press F5 key. Alternatively (and this clears all cached data), go to Tools>Settings>Privacy and Security>Cookies and Site Data>Clear Data>tick clear cached web content>click ‘clear’

Chrome:- Go to BLT Home Page>hold down Ctrl key>reload webpage by clicking on circular arrow at top left of screen

On a phone

To clear your Chrome cache on a phone, click on the three dots in the top right hand corner > History > Clear browsing data (Then, if you want to specify further, the key setting to clear is “Cached images and Files”)

In Safari, go to the our website, then hold down the option and command key then press the ‘E’ key. This is a “Hard reload” which will clear the cache of our website.

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