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She Stoops to Conquer

Main Auditorium05/07/2019 - 13/07/2019Kate Hardcastle is to meet the eligible Marlow with a view to marriage. Marlow is tongue-tied with the upper classes and lecherous with commoners. So when he is tricked into believing Kate’s ancestral home is a country inn and mistakes Kate for a lowly barmaid the stage is set for misunderstanding, mischief and mayhem. A delightful 18th century romp.

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Hard Times

Main Auditorium18/07/2019 - 20/07/2019BLT’s Youth Group present this compelling adaptation of Dickens’ evocative saga, set in the north of England at the height of the Industrial Revolution. A tale of loss, love, pride before a fall and a deepening divide between rich and poor, Hard Times reveals a society in turmoil, making it as relevant today as it was in the 1860s.

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Goodnight Mr. Tom

Main Auditorium13/09/2019 - 21/09/2019Young William Beech is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside where he forges a heart-warming friendship with the elderly recluse, Tom Oakley. All is perfect until William is suddenly summoned by his mother back to London… A true modern classic, Michelle Magorian’s wonderfully uplifting novel is brought gloriously to life.

On the Verge, or “The Geography of Yearning”

In the bar25/09/2019 - 29/09/2019Three Victorian lady travellers attempt to unravel the mystery of things as they set out for Terra Incognita and discover the future. A comedic safari that spins into time travel, this remarkable play is among the most imaginative works of the 20th century, captivating audiences with its sheer invention.

Stuff Happens

Main Auditorium11/10/2019 - 19/10/2019“How do we know Saddam’s got weapons of mass destruction? Because we’ve still got the receipts.”Acclaimed playwright David Hare turns his piercingly satirical gaze onto the political events leading up the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Riveting and full of drama and wickedly-pointed humour, this epic sweep of a play enriches, informs and entertains.