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Happy Jack

Main Auditorium29/07/2021 - 30/07/2021A 40-year bittersweet love story of Yorkshire miner Jack and his long-suffering wife Liz, is filled with memories of a time long gone but not forgotten.  It chronicles their school days, as they start work, their courtship, marriage and parenthood, all peppered of course, with their hilarious rows with neighbours, friends, family and each other!

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84 Charing Cross Road

Main Auditorium09/09/2021 - 18/09/2021Spanning a twenty year period from 1949, this true story is based on the dramatization of business letters between Helene Hanff, a young, struggling writer in New York and Frank Doel, the owner of  an antiquarian book store in London. In a sense, these are also love letters. They are about the love of good literature.

Living Together

Main Auditorium07/10/2021 - 16/10/20217/10/2021 - 16/10/2021 From the award winning trilogy of ‘The Norman Conquests’, this play showcases the development of chaos in the living room over the course of a weekend. Wildly comic and - at times - poignant, Living Together brilliantly portrays the complicated relationships that exist in most families. Ayckbourn at his brilliant best!

Alys Always

Main Auditorium04/11/2021 - 13/11/2021A psychological thriller, it tells the story of Francis, a young woman who lives a mundane life in the publishing industry, who one day stops to help at a fatal roadside accident. What motivates her subsequent distortions about what she has seen....?

It’s A Wonderful Life

Main Auditorium09/12/2021 - 18/12/20219/12/2021 - 18/12/2021 Tony Palermo’s adaptation remains faithful to the classic American film and introduces all 34 of your favourite (and perhaps not-so-favourite) characters. The story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. It takes the help of the lovable angel Clarence for George to have a change of heart and understand the true spirit of Christmas.

The Trojan Women

Online eventAvailable now on Bromley Little Theatre YouTube channel‘The Trojan Women’ is set in the immediate aftermath of the sacking of Troy as the women wait amongst the ruins before they are exiled as slaves to the Greeks. Available now on Bromley Little Theatre YouTube channel