Sunday Nights at BLT



Taxi Joe

Main House

Sunday 18th September 2022. Doors open 7:00pm, concert starts 7:45pm

Tickets £10

Taxi Joe returns to BLT! A group of lads from South London, Taxi Joe are all about hooks, big guitars and feelings. Lots of feelings. Disciplined and  explosive performers and a fierce writing team this will be a fantastic night of music. Supported by special guests Barbara Pugliese of Dave Randall’s collective Slovo and Mark Mathews London based singer songwriter.

Alejandra Burgos

Main House

Sunday 16th October 2022. Doors open 6:30, concert starts 7pm and ends 9:30pm

Tickets £12

Alejandra Burgos, Nicolas Meier and Demi Garcia Sabat bring a night of latin-infused blues, pop, and jazz to BLT. Ale is from Argentina and based in Mallorca and recently opened for Bryan Adams. Nic is Swiss and well known as an inspirational jazz guitarist while Demi is an outstanding percussionist. Together they promise an outstanding night of music!